Revolution Slider Visibility

We are attempting to find a solution to Rev Slider visibility on front end/visitor side of home page not showing, yet visible on the wp dashboard. Our Cloudways hosting took a look and found some issues that we’ve shared with Revolution Slider, still waiting on their reply.

Cloudways: I suggest you to wait for the plugin team response as I have cleared all possible server and app cache and also CDN cache, checked the error logs file as well, but it is not reporting any error related to the issue you have mentioned:

In the meantime we thought there may be some answers here at Cloudflare to help us resolve the problem in a more timely manner.

What’s the domain?

Are you saying that it works with Cloudflare paused?

I am not sure which version are you using, also you’re stating you’re using WordPress, meaning you’re using a Revolution Slider as a WordPress plugin? :thinking:

I had some issues in the past with loading Revolution slider on one WordPress website, however I didn’t used WP plugin, rather only the JS version of it.
Nevertheless, because some script was in a conflict, which I couldn’t troubleshoot at first sight, therefore I’ve disabled the “Rocket Loader” feature at Cloudflare dashboard → Speed → Optimization and used the “Purge Everything” from the CF dashboard → Caching → Configuration to clear all the cache. Since then, my website works normally.
Also, I’ve disabled JS minify at CF dashboard too, just in case.

Maybe my case helps you a bit, otherwise it might be something else in between :thinking:

Mostly, the issue was on Chrome/Edge/Opera web browser, regardless of the device type.
And something with hardware acceleration too, I remember I’ve tested with and without this feature. Also I was testing to disable all web browser extensions, in case some might block something.

After running a Cloudflare Diagnostic test, we were able to correct some security problems with our server that we were unaware of, related to DNSSEC. This has resolved the problem.

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