Revolution slider don't work later cloudflare configuration

Recently I configured Cloudflare CDN on my website,
If i pause cloud flare all work fine, can you help me please finde a solution?

Thanks in advance

The problem it’s related to Revolution slider

Not sure what a revolution slider is, but your site appears to behave the same when accessing it directly and when going through Cloudflare.

That’s how your site looks when accessing it directly

There was some gallery earlier I believe (not sure if that’s what you meant) which now vanished, but that would not be Cloudflare related as it does not show up at all. Check any possible caches on your server if some elements are missing.

Hi, it was a test with static gallery, i reactivated revolution slider, as you can see now the cursor continues to spin but does not load anything

That will be a local issue. For me it loads just fine. Try clearing your cache and another browser. Also check out browser warnings. At this point that’s not a Cloudflare issue I am afraid.

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