Revolution slider does not work with Cloudflare

Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing this bizarre issue with the revolution video not loading (black screen) when my website is accessed by Safari. I have Cloudflare enable for this site, however, all caching options are disabled.

I saw on other posts that I could be the rocket loader, thus I disabled it and the problem persists.
Additionally, when Cloudflare is paused, the slider works again

Any ideas?

What’s the URL of the page?

Digging around makes it seem that Safari has trouble with H.264 videos. Though I don’t know why running it through Cloudflare breaks it.

This thread is very similar:

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Thank you @sdayman, the thread mentions lots of solutions, however, the following seems to be working for me:

To make MP3 streaming on Safari with Cloudflare CF

SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI .(?:gif|jpe?g|png|mp4|ogv|webm)$ no-gzip dont-vary



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