Review Spectrum Use Cases

After some chit chat with CF sales department, I concluded that CF spectrum’s buisness model is not designed to support game servers. Why do i say this?

I think that image talks for itself. 5/10GB/month allowance and then $1 per extra GB? What? Any simple botnet will get you running for your money in under a minute. Also, UDP por protection is only available for enterprise customers, that means over $3.000 a month depending on the plan specs, for any game hoster that is inviable. Maybe for mega companies like EA, sure. But not most people running community driven Gaming Servers.
I think cloudflare is missing out on an important sector to provide its security features: GameServer Protection.

Most DDoS these days target game servers, and there is little to non good protection out there.

It would be nice for Cloudflare to have better plans for spectrum, targeting these server owners like me, that fight everyday against really nasty and big DDoS attacks.