Review DNS Records & Wrong domain name

2 questions please. I was in the process of adding my domain name when I had to leave before finishing. I needed to still Review DNS records so I left that page open.My computer since updated and rebooted. When I logged into Cloudflare to continue, it takes me to the Cloudflare home page. First question: How do I now review the DNS records? Second question: I noticed that the domain name that appears on the top left, next to Cloudflare logo, is missing a word. How do I update the domain name to the full domain name?
Thank you.

That question is not overall clear. What exactly missing? Can you post a screenshot?

The domain name shows as is is actually How can I change that?

Thank you very much.

Then you added the wrong domain. Remove that one and add the right one.

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Where do I remove a domain name?

On the Overview screen of that domain, but you might have to add the right one first.

I am logged in. It says this under “Overview”

Complete your nameserver setup is not yet active on Cloudflare.

  1. Log in to your registrar account

Determine your registrar via WHOIS.

Do I need to login to registrar account to add and remove domain names?

Did you add the new domain already?

Just follow the steps listed at

I just added the full domain name. I’ll go from here, but may be back. Thank you for helping.

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