Revert DNS records back to the original

Hi Cloudflare Community,

I am looking to revert back the DNS record changes that was done on our Cloudflare account. Unfortunately, it was another tech from years ago who probably did the changes so I don’t even know what are the “default” settings made when our Godaddy domain’s nameservers is pointing to our Cloudflare.

The reason I want to revert back the DNS because we are adding a new ADs on our website and they need our DNS to point to our hosting which is Cloudways. Our current DNS is pointing at Ezoic(ad company).

I can give screenshots of the current DNS settings but is it safe to post it here?

Thank you!

Current DNS settings probably won’t help.

All I can suggest would be to check the Audit Log at the top of I don’t know how back that goes, though.

Otherwise, DNS records should be tied to whatever hosting you have for that particular service, so that host should be able to help you out.

Yes, I did try looking at the Audit Logs but its full of information that I don’t know of.

Can you please clarify what you meant by tied to hosting?
Our domain was bought and running in : GoDaddy
Our Wordpress site is hosted by : Cloudways

Thank you

The service provider for your website, email, etc., should be able to tell you the necessary DNS records you need for that service.

So your Cloudways account should show you hostnames and IP addresses for your website. But that’s probably not where your email is hosted, so that host should know what your DNS settings should be.

Without being more specific that you’d like, what DNS records are you trying to revert? “A”, CNAME, MX, TXT? And for what service(s)?

Okay, that should mean GoDaddy has the necessary DNS records I think based from what you said. Then Cloudways for the hosts.

I believe it should be the CNAME. The ADs we are transferring to wants us to point the nameservers back to the original which means Cloudways hosting ip address.

The CNAME contains the following:
CNAME cdn-0
CNAME cdn-1
CNAME cdn-2
(the one above continuous until cdn-7, the last one is cdn. Basically 8 in total)


So, looking to change all those “ezoic stuff”

I don’t think your content resides on a GoDaddy server. It sounds like CloudWays should know the IP address of your server. GoDaddy might be where your email is.

Hi again sdayman!

I believe I already resolved it thanks to your help. I was asking the wrong support agent for the DNS details. Thanks!

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