Reverse reverse proxy with 2 cloudflare

My architecture have two reverse proxy with Cloudflare.
Error occurred when enable proxy in ③(Cloudflare).

I know methods for resolving this error.

  1. Disable proxy in ③.
  2. Delete Cloudflare header in ②.
  3. Edit hosts into ② for not using Cloudflare.

But It’s not used Cloudflare caching system between ② and ③.
Is there any way to use proxy system on ③ for using cache in this case?

So basically you are going via Cloudflare to a server, back to Cloudflare to a second server, to eventually reach your webserver?

Why in God’s name would you implement such a setup? That calls for trouble and probably cant even work to begin with (unless you have different domain names involved, in which case your proxy at #2 would likely still have to filter out Cloudflare headers).

I’d redesign that so that Cloudflare goes straight to your webserver, in the worst case to the first Nginx proxy (#4).

No, return error within #3 Cloudflare.

After thinking about it, don’t need cache in #3 because cached in #1
So do not need proxying in #3 .

Again, I’d simplify that a lot and have Cloudflare proxy directly to your webserver. Why do you need such a setup?

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