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Does anyone know how to setup reverse PTR record in cloudflare DNS? Any example or screenshot will help a lot. I use google gsuite for emails as well.

I don’t think Cloudflare’s PTR DNS record is what you’re looking for. What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish?

More PTR info here:


just want reverse dns to setup so that mail doesn’t go to spam. and RFC1912 for every IP address, there should be a matching PTR record

Since it sounds like you don’t own any of the IP addresses you’re using, you can’t add PTR records for those. Your website is fronted by Cloudflare and their IP addresses, and your email is hosted by Gmail and their IP addresses.

If you want your email to stay out of spam, set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

SPF, DKIM and DMARC all set.

Does not having rdns affect users visiting your site anyway?

and what is this page suggesting?

PTR records are something primarily set up by the network provider on an IP so it can point back to a domain name, they generally aren’t useful when set up on a domain itself.

It’s important to note that rDNS status is not used [any more] for domain email reputation or authentication. Google and Microsoft both provide business email-as-a-service offerings (GSuite and Office 365), which both use a shared mail server for inbound mail making it impossible to set up rDNS for every customer; it wouldn’t make sense to punish their customers by requiring rDNS.

As stated above, the only thing Google and the like need to validate the authenticity of email from your servers is DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.

Past that, there’s nothing you can do if your emails are going to inbox spam folders, other than send less spammy email. When evaluating spam, google generally looks for:

  • How similar is it to other mail users have marked as spam
  • How often do users mark email from this domain as spam
  • How often do users actually click the email vs just deleting it or marking as read
  • emails transactional in nature (such as “click to verify your email”) nearly always go through as long as a large portion of users follow through on clicking the activation link
  • Marketing emails must unsubscribe users after they load the email link. If google recognizes the link was clicked, but continues to receive email afterwards, your spam reputation will get progressively worse.

And a mirage of other factors play a part in spam detection, all of which are hidden from view to prevent gaming the system.


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