Reverse Proxy Woes

After reading the about Cloudflares Reverse Proxy service, it promised to do everything I need.

I basically have a webserver running through a tunnel, that can’t be accessed on ports 80+443, but is accessed on ports 5080+5443. These ports cannot be changed, so the chance of putting a reverse proxy in between DNS and my webserver to forward these ports correctly seemed to be my solution.

Having now signed up for Cloudflare and moved my domain name across, I cannot see any option in the Cloudflare account for Reverse DNS. I was hoping someone may be able to help.

Many thanks

No issues. Worked it out with a worker script.


You can also use an Origin Rule to do this without a Worker script:

You can set the rule to run on the hostname needed, then override the port

Thank you. I will have a look at that too.

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That works very nicely too.

What my ideal goal would be is to set up so 80 is forwarded to 5080 and 443 is forwarded to 5443 without forwarding any of the other ports, so they go through transparently (eg http://.com:5022 would go through to port 5022). I assume this must be possible.