Reverse proxy to Webflow and Site Worker


I’m wanting to use Cloudflare as a reverse proxy. The hope is to use Webflow for some paths and a site-worker for the rest of the paths.

Webflow is hosted on a subdomain, e.g. proxy. example. com
We have a root domain that we want everything to be hosted from, e.g. example. com
Some paths, e.g. example. com/blog we would like to reverse proxy to webflow at the matching path
Other paths, e.g. example. com/12345 we would like to render using a site-worker

We tried adding some logic in the site-worker to detect if it was a webflow path and if so fetching the content from webflow instead, however when we do that we get a 301 redirect.

Would really appreciate some guidance on how to set up a reverse proxy so that we can essentially use Webflow to host certain pages of our site, but render all other pages using the Cloudflare worker.

I found the following issue, however it seems they figured it out but didn’t post a solution: Reverse proxy with Webflow

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