Reverse Proxy to connect 2 Webflow projects


I have reached the maximum number of static pages on my Webflow website. Webflow support team told me to do the following:

  1. Create a subdomain in Cloudflare for a subdomain like “staging.mysite. com” where “mysite. com” is your main domain that is managed by Cloudflare.

  2. Add the subdomain “” to the hosting tab of the project in Webflow and publish that project

  3. Setup codes and reverse proxy in Cloudflare to pull pages from “staging.mysite. com”

  4. Optionally add canonical pages in Webflow, every site hosting is different it is an option available in Webflow

I have done all of that, also follow the guide and even got the “green dot 200 OK” on Cloudflare workers edits.

The issue is: I created a new page on my secondary project called “” and it is redirecting to “” but I want it to redirect to “mysite. com/test-proxy”

How can I do that please?

How is it redirecting? Through a 301/302 response?

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