Reverse Proxy subdomain to main domain via Workers


Here’s our situation.

We have a blog on a subdomain (, built with WordPress and hosted on a NGINX server. We want to reverse proxy this subdomain as a subfolder at domain. com/blog

The main domain files are “hosted” on a marketing tool called Kartra but they seem clueless as to what needs to be done and said they can’t do a reverse proxy. Still, all the DNS settings are managed through CloudFlare. Is it possible to achieve this with Workers instead? How? Is there anything the host for the blog have to do on their end?

Thank you!

Hi @David_Ionesi,

It looks like it should be possible with something like this example:

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Hi @domjh ,

I created the worker and did the proper setting on the blog’s server. It isn’t working. After I create and deploy the worker do I need to do something else like adding a route?

Thank you

Yes, if you haven’t added a route then the worker will never run. You probably want a route for /blog/* or similar.

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