Reverse proxy problem

Hello everybody. I write because I have a problem with the reverse proxy, when I create a dns record on cloudflare and then I configure the mime Nginx Reverse Proxy “forcing SSL” and I try to open the set address I get “This page does not redirect correctly”. if I disable the “force SSL” it opens the address … I don’t know how to solve it. In the domain configuration I also disabled the “SSL / TLS encryption mode”.
I hope you can help me

If you’ve disabled SSL on Cloduflare’s edge there’s no SSL to terminate the connection so connecting via SSL isn’t going to work for proxied records.


Ok but this is a test I did, but when I activate a “flexible” ssl connection on cloudflare and I force the secure connection on the nginx proxy and I try to open the address in question, “This page does not redirect correctly”

Flexible says Cloudflare must connect to the origin with HTTP. Your origin refuses to talk on HTTTP and redirects to HTTPs. Since Cloudflare must use HTTP based on your setting

You should set your configuration to use Full if you want Cloudflare to send HTTPs connections to your origin.

OK thank you very much. putting on “full” actually loads and opens the address, I just don’t understand why it loads the cloudflare ssl certificate and not the let’s encrypt one that resides on the reverse proxy

If you have Cloudflare proxying your traffic it is an SSL termination endpoint… that’s how the system provides CDN/DDoS/WAFEtc. The connection from the end user is to Cloudflare, Cloudflare provides it’s services and then initiates a new connection for requests which actually need to go to the origin (e.g. uncached assets).

Ok thanks a lot for your kind cooperation

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