Reverse Proxy or Tunneling

Hello, I’m new to networking.
I’m hosting a Minecraft server on Prem.
I’m also running a website via cloud.
On my domain, example-com should be my website.
On the subdomain minecraft-example-com should I be able to access my MC server via the MC launcher.
I bought my Domain from another website, but I want to use Cloudflare for reverse proxy or tunneling, so nobody is able to see my public IP address if pinging my subdomain.
I’ve tried to make an A Record with a DynDNS service running at another machine in my home network.
It didn’t work. The A Record got the right IP address via the Service and if I ping or tracert the subdomain I just see an IP address of Cloudflare. But the Problem is when I try to connect via MC Launcher I can’t.
So I digged a little deeper and found a Solution with a tunnel. I did try this, and I’ve got the same outcome.

What I’m doing wrong? Can someone help me out here?

Cloudflare’s regular proxy service is for websites and not services like Minecraft so just proxying the record will not work. In order to prosy Minecraft you would need to purchase Spectrum which can get expensive very quickly.

Cloudflare Tunnel could work but everyone using your server would need to run cloudflared locally.