Reverse proxy or something like this with CF?

  1. currently I connect my HTTP site (game) to my game server via IP
  2. game server is hosted on different IP than site
  3. for this very reason in point (2.) the Cloudflare SSL for game wont work. it will show CERT Invalid Name ERR if I connect via IP to my game. If I connect via my domain the problem is gone. But the domain doesnt point to my game server.
  4. I was thinking of creating a subdirectory like that would redirect to my game server IP. I think i need reverse proxy

Is it possible to achieve this all with cloudflare?

Hi, I couldn’t fully understand the issue but perhaps you could create a sub-domain pointing to your game server?
Maybe you are getting a certificate error when accessing straight from the IP because you have a certificate configured for a specific domain but is accessing it through the IP, thus the Cert invalid error.

yeah the thing is I dont know why but when I create record A in Cloudflare and point it to my computer - players cant connect to my game server via that domain. do you have idea why?

Hi, I am guessing the server you try to connect to doesn’t use HTTP/HTTPS ports.
So you could try changing that record to DNS-Only ( :orange: -> :grey: )

still fails to connect

I mean it connects to WEBSITE correctly but not my game. I host site on WAMP and indeed domain on cloudflare pointed to it successfuly from external IPs.

But for some reason it doesnt work for game. a service like worked for example as in the subdomain they gave me - i gave that to players and they connected to my game via that and it worked.

Do you have any error message/screen you could share?

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