Reverse Proxy is very slow (Germany)

When I visit various websites in Germany, I have a ping of 100-200ms due to the Cloudflare proxy.

If I visit the sites without a reverse proxy, I have a ping of 10-15ms.

The problem is global, I have asked a few people and their performance suffers too.

According to Cloudflare cdn-cgi/trace I am not routed via Germany but via countries hundreds/thousands of kilometers away.

For example, I am routed via IAB (North America / Ashburn).
A colleague is routed via EWR (North America / Newark).

Other sites hosted in Frankfurt am Main are also significantly slower with the redirection via North America.


Are you a Telekom customer by any chance? There is multiple open topics about this already, see here: Our server in Frankfurt (Germany, EU) is being proxied from the Newark, NJ (US) datacenter - #8 by nerblock and Severe Cloudflare APO page speed issues for Telekom Customers in Germany - #15 by user8065 as a starting point.

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Hey thanks for your answer, this is exactly the case for me and some colleagues :stuck_out_tongue:

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