Reverse Proxy for subdomains hosted on HubSpot

Hey there,

We’ve got a number of websites that use HubSpot for blogging, and WordPress for the website.

It’s generally setup the following way:

  • Website: ‘domain . com’ = WordPress
  • Blog: ‘blog . domain . com’ = HubSpot

We’re trying to use a reverse proxy so that the is changed to

I was pointed towards Cloudflare as a potential solution, but can’t actually find any guides as to how we can achieve this.

Really hoping for any tips / pointers please! Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for jumping in on your post, @nabil.beirouty, wanted to deliver a PSA about this live stream scheduled for 11/18. The event will go a bit beyond what you want to accomplish, but will be very informative…and fast,

Hey Judge,

Thank you for your help! Pointed me down the right avenue :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve got almost everything setup and running in cloudflare - the final step is for me to use the worker script.

As someone who has very little domain knowledge, could you please advise on what to edit in the worker script link you sent please?

For to go to ?

Thank you again!

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