Reverse Proxy 2 subdomains

So I have a domain with 2 subdomains, however both subdomains go to the same place, if for example a user goes to servers.domain.tld i want to redirect to servers.domain.tld:8080 as it goes to my esxi instead of my server host. I have a record for esxi.domain.tld which works for the esxi as I have ssl, but the servers.domain.tld doesnt. I host game servers and some other things on the servers.domain.tld.

Use origin rules to tell Cloudflare that should use port 8080 on your origin, see…

I have done that, When incoming requests match: Hostname equals servers.domain.tld Then rewrite to 8080 But that still does not work

What is the real domain?

If all is working (seems to work for me as well), you can edit your post to remove the domain.

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