Reverse proxies for multiple subdomains

I have an apex domain hosted on Cloudflare where my main company page is deployed:

In the DNS settings, I have a couple of sub-domains that host additional offerings in separately deployed discrete applications:


What I am trying to accomplish is having the following: point to, but show the user the former URL in their address bar.

The exact same thing should happen for our other service, whereby: should point to, but should show the user the former URL in their address bar.

Furthermore, any subpaths like should show the user the content of

Through various posts here and elsewhere, I’ve gotten partially there, but am now rather stuck.

I have deployed a worker containing the following code:

addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {

async function handleRequest(request) {
  if (request.method !== "GET") {
    return new Response("Invalid method", { status: 405 });

  const { pathname, search } = new URL(request.url);
  let targetUrl;

  if (pathname.startsWith("/chapters-foo")) {
    targetUrl = `${pathname.replace('/chapters-foo', '')}${search}`;
  } else if (pathname.startsWith("/association-accessors-bar")) {
    targetUrl = `${pathname.replace('/association-accessors-bar', '')}${search}`;
  } else {
    return new Response(`Invalid request`, { status: 404 });

  const originRequest = new Request(targetUrl, request);
  originRequest.headers.set("Origin", new URL(targetUrl).origin);

  const response = await fetch(originRequest, {
    cf: {
      cacheTtl: 20,
      cacheEverything: true,

  return new Response(response.body, response);

And I have two Routes defined under that worker:


See screenshot:

Now comes the part where I’m stuck:

Visting shows that URL and I can even navigate to e.g.

But visiting shows the original URL in the address bar.

So, despite setting the Routes identically under the worker, I’m seeing different behavior on the routes.

I’m not sure where my misunderstanding is. Is there a mistake in my worker code? Or have I improperly defined the two routes in the settings for the worker?

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