Reverse engineering my dad's forgotten site(s)

Hello Cloudflare community. My name is Jared and I am typing on my father’s account.

He had a stroke three years ago and is just now able to navigate a computer, a little bit like just facebook “likes”, he connot read or type [yet].

He used to work on his website all the time findamazingsmartthings-dot-com and I’d like to get him access to the building area of his site, but so far all I have found is his Cloudflare account with domain registration.

How do I figure out where he built the site? The whois says it’s a wordpress site but his wordpress login shows no sites being built. Any clue on how I can figure out what he was using to build the site?

I think it was going to be an amazon affiliate site for selling smart gadgets or something. Really I’m just trying to fan the flame of his recent cognitive gains by showing him his old sandbox.

Any help or direction on this would be cool. Thanks anybody/everybody


Most likely not on this account you’re posting from, as it looks brand new.

If you can log into his dashboard here, you should see a DNS menu item on the left that will lead you to his DNS records. The IP address(es) in those records should lead you to the host if you look them up at

MX (mail server) records for that domain indicate it’s hosted at GoDaddy.

Hopefully you have access to his email account. With that, you can use the Forgot Password options to regain access to his account(s).

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