Reverse DNS



It would be very useful if CF supported Reverse DNS hosting capability.

Basic support of the and and namespaces would mean I do not need an alternative DNS provider to just host reverse DNS. You would likely cause a significant increase in DNSSEC deployment on reverse DNS if you hosted reverse DNS zones.

As an added feature, linking forward and reverse DNS would mean that when I create a forward entry for, you could populate the linked reverse entry automatically (similar to how Windows DNS servers can work).

Obviously most of the UX would be meaningless for reverse DNS zones, and would be greyed out.


That’s a great callout @michael Today the only use case where we support this is with our DNS Firewall product (formerly called Virtual DNS). It’s a topic I’ve brought up with our DNS product manager a couple of times and like the idea of linking the entires. I’ll pass that along to the PM for consideration.



I was going to post a thread about this until I saw this one, so I’ll reply.

I have my own /48 IPv6 range from my colocation provider which they will not host the reverse DNS for.
My range, my responsibility for the reverse zone, is their reasoning.

Currently I only run a DNS server for my reverse DNS, I would love to host it at Cloudflare.


Is there an update for this use case?