Reverse DNS Zone name servers

I’m trying to create a DNS zone to enter DMARC records for that is on Cloudflare. As a first step, I entered as my website that resolves to (, name servers for the reverse DNS account are not updating/registering with Cloudflare, even though’s nameservers as at Cloudflare. Can someone help?

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No, because what you are attempting is not possible. You can only create a reverse zone if you have been allocated the IP network by the RIR. PTR records must be created by the party that holds the zone delegation and that is not you. You will need to ask the IP maintainer to set your PTR.

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Epic, Thank you very much for your reply. Please accept my apologies as I wasn’t able to write back until now.
I have two domains sharing the same IP
Main domain is tilesbymatthew. Tilesnstone is the subdomian.
tilesnstone website is on Cloudflare.
DMARC, DKIM, Spf records are properly entered.
The PTR is set at the server by the host as following: The system uses an alternate HELO of “” when sending mail from the “” domain

I already entered a PTR record withe and value but it doesn’t seem to be helping.
I’m just trying my email server’s reverse dns resolve to mail.tilesnstone server.

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Where? Cloudflare? If so, as I already explained, that will not have any effect. The only way to effect a change to the reverse DNS of that IP is to update the PTR in the authoritative zone. Only your host can do that. How was the current record set?