Reverse DNS Proxy to Webflow has a trailing slash issue

What is the domain name?

The issue we are having:
Our issue is that our Reverse DNS Proxy works great! But, if we add a trailing slash to one of our pages, Webflow is redirecting us to the site that is being proxied.

For example, while this works:

This url with a backslash at the end will redirect:

Is this something that we can fix with Webflow or Cloudflare? We are using a Cloudflare Worker.


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We are also having this issue!

I think I found a solution.

In my Cloudflare worker, I constructed a new URL by trimming the trailing slash on the pathname to pass to a new Request object to fetch.

let url = new URL(request.url);
url.hostname = WEBFLOW_URL;
url.pathname = url.pathname.endsWith("/") ? url.pathname.substring(0, url.pathname.length - 1) : url.pathname;
let proxyRequest = new Request(url, request);

Thanks, did you just add this to the end of your Worker? This does look like it would work. I’ve passed it along to our DevOps team that is handling Cloudflare.

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