Reverse DNS on cloudflare

I have 3 free domains registered in Cloudflare. Recently i’ve purchased a /24 subnet and i want to set reverse DNS for it.
I’ve created PTR records in Cloudflare DNS interface and i wanted to create a domain-object in RIPE interface for my subnet to point to the nameservers Cloudflare assigned to me but when i do this, i get the error “Nameserver did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.”

Am i doing something wrong?

This is the full error message:


Number of objects found:                   1
Number of objects processed successfully:  0
  Create:         0
  Modify:         0
  Delete:         0
  No Operation:   0
Number of objects processed with errors:   1
  Create:         1
  Modify:         0
  Delete:         0


***Warning: Invalid keyword(s) found: 1s
***Warning: All keywords were ignored

The following object(s) were found to have ERRORS:

- ---
Create FAILED: [domain]

descr:          WIRD-SOLUTIONS-SRL
descr:          WIRD SOLUTIONS SRL
descr:          Mihai Bravu, nr. 204 Bl. 105, sc. 2, ap. 44
descr:          Bucuresti Sect. 3
admin-c:        WSN11-RIPE
tech-c:         WSN11-RIPE
zone-c:         WSN11-RIPE
mnt-by:         RO-MNT
changed:        [email protected] 20190308
source:         RIPE

***Error:   Nameserver did not return NS
            records. RCODE was REFUSED.

***Error:   Nameserver did
            not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

***Error:   Nameserver did not return NS
            records. RCODE was REFUSED.

***Error:   Nameserver did not
            return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

***Error:   Not enough data about was found to be able
            to run tests.


If it was possible, it would only be available to Enterprise customers and even then would need to be discussed with your account manager.

I believe the OP is not referring to a Cloudflare address space but to his own and I understand he would like to delegate to Cloudflare’s nameservers. Unfortunately my knowledge about PTRs is way too spotty to dare to make any statement in this regard. @mnordhoff maybe.

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My general understanding of PTR records is they need to be set by the people who sold you the block of addresses.

Yes, that’s exactly what i need to do.

The people who sold my the block of addresses create a delegation for this block to some NS servers. And on that NS servers you create PTR records.
The problem is, when they created the delegation to Cloudflare’s NS servers, they received that error.

It didn’t work because you have a zone called or whatever, not

Unless you’re on an enterprise plan, Cloudflare unfortunately won’t run an zone for you.

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