Reverse dns issue

The system sends “gwc-hamburg com”’s outgoing email from the “” IP address. The only PTR value for this IP address must be “conscription-sours vpsrdns web-hosting com”. This is the name that this server sends with SMTP’s “HELO” command to send “gwc-hamburg com”’s outgoing email.

1 unexpected PTR value exists for this IP address:

server1.gwc-hamburg com

To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they replace all PTR records for “” with the following record at “vns1 web-hosting com” and “vns2 web-hosting com” what do i do i cant contact the admin for help

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I wish there was more that we could offer you, but Cloudflare does not send your domain email, nor does it control the IP network that is in. You will need to consult the mail server operator and the IP network operator for assistance.

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