Returns incorrect SSL

Cloudflare the service gives an incorrect SLL certificate and clarify what the difficulty is?

What is your domain?

I figured it out a little. The service itself created a universal certificate, it is cut out, it does not work on several devices (it gives a message that the site is not protected). If I disable the generic certificate, the site will stop working altogether, even though the server has a normal certificate installed. How to solve this problem?

It looks like the certificate is a let’s encrypt on. I would check that the ca certificate are up-to-date on the devices throwing the error. The root Let’s encrypt certificate expired a while ago and that error will appear.

If you want to use the server. Change your DNS record to :grey: . This will disable all Cloudflare services for that hostname.

Let’s explain in more detail, apparently we do not understand each other because of the translator.

  1. I have an SSL certificate installed on the server.
  2. The site is connected to Cloudflare.
  3. On Cloudflare, in the SSL section, there is a full protection setting.
  4. If you go to the Edge Certificates section, you can see that Cloudflare has issued a universal certificate. That is, our certificate was not applied, but applied some of its own.
  5. If I’m in the Edge Certificates section, I’ll click the “Disable Universal SSL” button. The site stops working altogether, gives an error.
  6. If I turn on “Enable Universal SSL”, then the site works again, but gives the wrong SSL.
    So my question is: How to make the site work and give the correct SSL?

Have you tried this guide

Useful article, but I’m very afraid of making a mess.
Do all the points of the article need to be completed or are there options listed that can help?
I didn’t understand half of the points

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