Returning the cache after cleaning

Good afternoon, after the “Purge Everything” cache is completely cleaned, after some time the old cache comes back again, what could be the reason?

That probably you web server is serving those old files.

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Previously everything worked correctly. Can you specify which web server you are talking about?

Yours, the one you use to run the website.

After purging the cache Cloudflare fetches all content from the origin, if you see old items then the issue is extremely likely to be on you web server.

Previously, when?

The site files on the hosting have been updated. It’s just weird, when you click to clear the entire cache, it clears everything works fine, but after 2 minutes of time again returns the old cache

Аt the beginning of the week noticed, before this everything seemed to be working

Of course there could always be a bug with Cloudflare, but I’d also rather think it is something about your hosting setup.

Unfortunately, this might not be easy to debug for anybody here. What I’d try is to make a change, purge the cache, wait a bit, and then send two requests to the server, one directly, one via Cloudflare. These should both show the new content and - as you said it happens after a while - I’d repeat these two requests. Then, if you really got a previous copy from Cloudflare and still the new one from your server, there might be actually something wrong with the caching *) - otherwise I doubt its Cloudflare.

*) Have you ruled out any other intermediate caches?

Yeah, I hardly believe Cloudflare is at fault here, maybe some strange bug on the hosting server.

He could try even checking the headers, it will tell him if the cache was hit or not.

I’ll try to check the possible options.

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The reason found, in the “Speed” tab was a checkmark
“Reduce the file size of source code on your website - css”, when the file has shrunk, the styles have broken, apparently something is wrong with this file.

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