Returning Null

Hello there! My API website is working fine, but when I try to make a request it via LUA 5.3 (FiveM), i get nil result and 0 error code. I do not understand why on my browser I get the correct result, and when I try to request it via FiveM, I get nil…


LUA Code:
PerformHttpRequest(“”, function(errCode, result, headers) – Request with GET Method.
print((“Result: %s”):format(result))

Console OUTPUT:

How is that Cloudflare related?

When I try to make the request via the IP adress, it works.

Maybe there are some settings to do, but I do not know these settings :slight_smile:

That does not mean that it is an issue with Cloudflare, but rather that you have a configuration issue.

Pause Cloudflare and make sure it works fine without Cloudflare first.

Sure, wait a bit

I’ve disabled, but still I get nil… I really can not understand how to fix it…

Afraid, that is something you need to clarify with the service provider or the developer. Cloudflare is not involved here.

I understand… I am using for now, but when I try to make a Request on FiveM using this link:, I am getting the correct output in console:

Sure, but you need to clarify this

I am thinking that while via link is working fine, they will redirect me to you, because they can not offer support for cloudflare requests…

It’s their system and they need to fix this. As already mentioned, Cloudflare is not involved here.

Okay, thank you for your assistance!

No worries.