Return old captcha please

This takes two to three times longer to solve than a Google captcha

In my experience hcaptcha is faster because I usually get a “bad score” from Google due to my pro-privacy browser setup. Sure if Google knows who you are and you’ve been a good Internet citizen, everything is fine, but otherwise you have to spend several minutes solving one captcha after another even though you seemingly get it right every time (IT SUCKS). However the main reason why CF switched was because Google wants to charge money for it… That probably means millions of dollars lost in revenue.

That is a common misconception. Whether you have to solve a CAPTCHA does not depend on Google but on Cloudflare. Google only makes calls once the CAPTCHA is being displayed, but at that point both systems should be relatively similar.

@Nuno4 is referring to how reCaptcha can ask you to solve many challenges in a row in certain circumstances. Those decisions are not made by Cloudflare.

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The same applies to the new CAPTCHA platform as well as far as I can tell.

I have been rather critical of reCAPTCHA but I would neither say the new platform is necessarily better. With Google one could at least pass the CAPTCHA in many cases when being logged into a Google account.

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I imagine a solution would be to allow the site owners to switch to ReCaptcha provided the site owner supplies their own ReCaptcha credentials, but that might not be allowed by Google (especially if they were already in talks to require payment for ReCaptcha on all CF sites).

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