Return IPv4 address when no IPv6 match

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So I have recently enabled IPv6 on my network and Im having an issue currently where my client outside the network is on IPv6, and requests a URL that currently is only for IPv4. The problem is that because the domain specific IPv6 address does not exist, the domain root address is returned and the external client cannot use the service. Is there a way to set DNS to return the IPv4 address when the IPv6 address does not exist?

I’m not quite clear on what the problem is. My main server only has an IPv4 address, yet from an IPv6-only machine, I can make an HTTPS connection to it.

So I believe I found the problem. I had been using cname records so I only had to update a single A record since it’s a reverse proxy for the sub domain and so it’s using ipv6 for the dns server and was getting there root A record since that’s what the cname pointed at was the A record of the root.

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