Retry for a live version bar issue.. Cloudflare Workers (Resolved)

Ok so here goes… I have been playing around a bit with Cloudflare workers. Was testing caching etc… and now for some reason when you go to my site and you refresh a couple of times… half the time you get a (Retry for a live version of this site) error bar at the top… and the other half the site loads fine. I have no caching going on… it’s literally just running React on the page. Also I went on a proxy and loaded the page and I never get the “Retry for a live ver"sion of this site” bar at the top? If I put my site on “Developer” mode… the green bar goes away. If I turn it off the bar for comes back… Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Could there be something wrong with caching if this is only doing this for me?

Here’s things i’ve done:

  1. Purged entire Cache in the Cloudflare settings
  2. Deleted all local cached files in my browser
  3. Tried using a different browser
  4. I used a proxy to load my site (And it seems to be fine)

Does anyone have any idea whats going on?

Have you tried disabling Workers? It seems to me something wrong there since you say you were using Workers and React…

Figured it out nvm! It was a DNS issue… I had my DNS root being pointed do a domain that didnt have the CF certificate installed on it :stuck_out_tongue: Changed my root domain to the free .dev domain Cloudflare generates.

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@matteo Who is the best person to reach out to talk about workers with? Are there any particular core members of the workers team on Twitter?

I know there is @KentonVarda here, who has built them. He is also on Twitter.

While I sometimes answer specific questions, I’m not part of the support team and my time is very limited, so I’m probably not the right person to seek out for fast answers. (Also I am currently on parental leave.)


Sorry, you were the first name that can to mind and I stopped thinking since you are the original author.

Yeah, I could have also imagined that, since I know Jade (btw say hi to her from me!)…

Enjoy it! Please do let us know if you have any specific person in mind that could help.

If you are interest in giving your feedback this form is the best channel.

Thanks to everyone for your responses!

Personally, I have it disabled.
Note that workers run before anything else.
Also, Cloudflare Workers documentation · Cloudflare Workers docs is deprecated.

@adaptive So I believe the issue was that when I was deploying React to my worker… it was looking for a favicon that I didnt have hosted on my Cloud Storage (Using Google Cloud Storage). I saw that the favicon was not there… but it was weird because sometimes the site offline bar would show and other times wouldn’t. But I uploaded the favicon and now the bar is gone :stuck_out_tongue: