Retrieve Zone's NameServers (via API)

I have a zone that was previously activated under a “CNAME setup”, but for various reasons we have decided to migrate the DNS onto Cloudflare. However, the zone’s NameServers, normally found under the Overview tab, are no longer displayed there for an active account.

Is there another way to retrieve the nameservers for a zone, perhaps using the API? I cannot find any other places that show it so far.

The Cloudflare Nameservers should located at the bottom of DNS page or you can simply enter your domain here.


This correctly shows my current DNS configuration, but what I am trying to find is Cloudflare’s funny-named nameservers, so that I can switch my domain to use those. When you add a new domain, those nameservers appear in the Overview tab; once the domain is verified they disappear. Since my domain was previously verified as a CNAME setup, I never saw them.

As per my ticket from Cloudflare, it turns out you can use dig or nslookup to query the Cloudflare DNS manually, and it will return the correct nameservers for the given domain:

$ dig NS +short

C:>nslookup -type=NS
Address: nameserver = nameserver =

For a non-Cloudflare zone it will of course return no servers.

There are many ways to discover your nameservers as for DNS Checker in my OP, it’s usually.easier for those asking how-to.

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