Retrieve lost website?

I had a website whose hosting plan lapsed over a year ago. The site was not backed up locally (yes, I know better now). The hosting company informed me the site would have only been kept on their servers for 30 days after the hosting plan lapsed.

The site was routed through Cloudflare. I checked my Cloudflare account and it shows the site’s status is “Active.” Does an active Cloudflare status mean the site still resides on Cloudflare’s servers?

If so, is it still possible to retrieve this website somehow? What would I specifically need to do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

While Cloudflare does cache some site assets when you are using the :orange: proxy feature, it does not cache everything. Notably HTML is not cached by default. Even then the cache ages out. With your origin site having gone offline a year ago, there would be no site to receive visitor requests for Cloudflare to cache.

If crawled your site while it was active, you may be able to recover some parts of it using their Wayback Machine.

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Thank you for your assistance.

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