Retrieve Image by Filename

Sure this must have been asked before, but is there an easy way to force the image ID to be the name of the image sent up (or any custom value) rather than the random hash cloudflare assigns to it? Otherwise, seems like we need a database mapping filename to cloudflare image id, which seems like would add non-trivial overhead. Thanks!

According to the blog post, it can be this format:

I can see the filename is stored with it:

Hey! Thanks for writing in! Where do you see this documentation? This is the beta blog post? I see that, but the documentation doesn’t make it seem like that is an option?

Yes, from the beta post, but I’m sure @zaid can clear this up hopefully tomorrow.

It does look like the syntax has been flipped around since the blog post, so I don’t know how much of that carried past the beta.

I tried every permutation of variant/hash/filename. None works.

The wording on the blog post is “we saw two main patterns of how customers would like to deliver images”, so not a format definition at all.

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There is not sadly. Saving it in metadata is an option however the list API call doesn’t actually send the metadata (from what I know it’s due to speed).

So yeah, keeping track of this yourself is kinda required.

This is something I’ve brought up quite a few times but sadly, I don’t think there’s anything coming soon to better address this

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