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Hello, I have a client that has a domain registered with Cloudflare, they have no account details to login and have no recollection who registered it. How do they go about retrieving their account details?



Sounds like you (they) are out of luck.

It might not be “their” account…

Create a new account, and follow the instructions from here:

But the domain is registered with Cloudflare, I have no access to the domain registrar as they are the registrar.

You’ll have to go through and hope that they can help you. It is entirely possible you will not be able to recover the domain of you have no proof or ownership and don’t even know who registered it but only Registrar Support and possibly Trust and Safety will be able to help with this.

They’ve tried that, the problem is when they put their email address in, it says it’s not recognised as being registered with Cloudflare so there’s no way of getting it through to them!

I’ve escalated this issue to support so they can get back to you here.

Thanks, much appreciated

Can you have the user fill out the form here:

This will send an email to the account owner on file, it should help identify the login name in the case where they have access to this email.

We have also created a ticket 2735367 for you to share more details on.

We’ve tried this and nobody in the business has received an email, where do we go from here?

Reply back to ticket 2735367 that was created for you with details of the issue and the domain.

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