Retiring the legacy Access configuration tab

Hi everyone, checking in that the discrepancy between dashboards for service tokens is an on-going discussion. I will provide an update as soon as I have one.


Hi everyone,

I am confirming that we will be making service tokens available for all plans, including the free tier, to ensure no functionality is lost when we deprecate the legacy Access configuration tab.


Seems like after a few days and I’m still unable to use the Zero Trust Dashboard.

As of me writing this, it’s May 14th, one day before the legacy Access tab will be retired. We know the no_card test case exists and that some people can get Zero Trust free without a payment method. We also know that service tokens will be available for all users, regardless of their plan.

However, the test case hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, meaning there are still some users who are screwed over by this retirement, including me. Will this test case be rolled out to all users by the retirement date, or will users like me be stuck for the foreseeable future?

In my support ticket, I was told to follow this thread for more information, yet we haven’t heard anything in the past 2 weeks from anyone at Cloudflare. Not only has the Access trust on the regular dash stayed, nothing has changed regarding the no_card test case, but we’ve also have no idea when anything will change, which is honestly frustrating. Can someone from the Zero Trust team clarify what’s going on?