Retiring the legacy Access configuration tab

Beginning on May 15, 2022, we will retire the legacy Access configuration tab of the Cloudflare dashboard. No functionality will be lost.

Customers will be able to continue configuring Cloudflare Access and all of our Zero Trust products in the Zero Trust section of the Cloudflare dashboard. The new home for Cloudflare Access includes existing features and new functionality, including advanced seat management and new types of applications that can be created.


Please let us know in this thread if you have questions.


The removal of this tab would make it impossible for me to edit settings for Access, as I am unable to access parts of the Zero Trust dashboard, as it requires a plan, all of which require a payment method. The fact that some users like me, who use Access, but don’t have a Zero Trust plan, and use the regular Cloudflare dashboard to edit Access settings, wouldn’t be able to configure settings for a free product, one which they may rely on on a daily basis, is honestly angering and annoying. If the Zero Trust team were to make the Access part of the Zero Trust dashboard not require a plan, or the team were to keep this tab while figuring out another solution, that would be so much better than locking existing users out of free functionality.

I’m looking at the Teams dashboard of an account with no plan or billing method:

Granted, my account setup is a bit funky, so maybe this doesn’t apply to everybody. I have no other way to check at the moment.

I believe the issue is just specific parts of it. On a paid plan you can access every tab, but I created an account and didn’t select any plan, and cannot access “Applications” or “Tunnels” tabs under the “Access” tab in the side bar, so you cannot create new access policies or even modify existing ones you created from the legacy Access configuration tab.

I believe you can even go directly to the Add Application URL ( and add new ones, but still not configure them after unless through the legacy access tab. Doesn’t work for me though with multiple accounts.

Edit: You can add New Apps using the Zero Trust Dash without a plan, and with multiple accounts, if you just append your Account ID ( But yea, you still can’t modify or delete existing ones, unless through the legacy tab they’re getting rid of.

I was a user of the legacy Access stuff. I don’t really use any of the other Zero Trust stuff now either, aside from just Access.

I was prompted to choose a Zero Trust plan to avoid losing functionality, or however the message was worded. I’m paraphrasing as I can’t recall the exact message.

I just went through the ‘on-boarding’ for Zero Trust and picked the free plan. Everything stayed the same for my currently configured Access stuff.

I understand that choosing a Zero Trust plan would solve the issues I’m having, however, I can’t sign up for a Zero Trust plan as they all require a payment method.

My main issue is Cloudflare making free functionality require a plan which requires a payment method, something that I don’t have.

Adding on to this, some of the people I know without a plan have been getting access to the Zero Trust free plan without a payment method, as a flag which seems to be enabled by default, and active for most of those people, except me and a few others. Was this created in response to the issues faced by users like me, and will it be enabled for all users in the future?

I just tried an account that has no payment method and has never used zero trust before, it was able to sign up for the free tier.

Maybe it would be worth grabbing some screenshots of the steps, and where it breaks down, and we can try to dig into what is happening?

My guess that some account flag or existing configuration somewhere confuses the on-boarding / plan selection process, although I have no idea if the specifics. Opening a ticket might be useful too, even though it will probably get auto-closed, we can escalate it from here to get some attention.

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Yeah, there’s an ongoing A/B test for allowing no card when signing up for the free Zero Trust tier. The people in it can sign up without a card, the people not in it must use a card even for the free plan.

You can see whether you’re in the group with this allowed inside the GET request on the payment page with a URL of

This seems to be an A/B test, as pointed out by @mcfadyeni, and a few members of the Cloudflare Discord server, as they were able to get Zero Trust free without a payment method. Is it possible that my ticket, #2426685, could be escalated?

I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue. Someone will look at it this week.

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Hi from the Cloudflare Product team. We will ensure no functionality is lost in this cutover regardless of if a payment method is provided. Thank you all for flagging this issue and the good discussion. I will post back with an update when we fix this issue blocking free customers without a payment plan.


I kind of understand why you’re doing this, but I have to say I really dislike this move. The Access tab is perfect for my use case. Using the Zero Trust dashboard feels like a completely disjointed experience with no continuity with the rest of the Cloudflare dashboard. It takes forever even just to login to it and I’ve found it pretty perplexing to use compared to the simplicity of the previous Access tab. I use Access rules in tandem with WAF rules and having these spread across two completely disjointed dashboards increases friction for me.

Using Access is a critical part of my workflow across multiple Cloudflare accounts and less than 30 days notice to retire it doesn’t seem like enough time to allow learning the new (harder) UI of Zero Trust for my production systems.

So one thing i’m currently not seeing in the new interface, is the ability to create/manage Access Service Tokens? Is this one of the ‘new’ features coming soon (before the transition) or is there supposed to be another way to access this?

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To add/clarify, the documentation ( states there is supposed to be a ‘Service Tokens’ tab in the new interface however when I go to the specified menu it just has ‘ssh’ and nothing more

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I was really worried when this email went into my inbox actually. I have the same problem of the payment method. I’ve been having this problem since a long time ago. And I’m not able to use Cloudflare Gateway or any other Team tools. But that’s not a big deal since I can use the “legacy configuration tab”.
And it’s very nice of you Cloudflare to care about us, the customers with free plans. And I’m looking forward to your changes to the Cloudflare Team Dashboard.

But by the way, I agree with those who don’t want to have the “legacy configuration tab” retired. Because we can have a unified experience from the Cloudflare Dashboard, instead of jumping to the Team Dashboard. I think that would be annoying for me to open a new tab every time I want to edit the configurations of Cloudflare Access.

Btw forgive my messy logic, especially in para 1 because it’s about 1 a.m. in my time zone. Quite sleepy right now and I was actually going to sleep. Lol.

Service tokens are available in the old access page but appear to require a paid plan in the new dashboard (according to the documentation.) Will they be made available to free tier in the dashboard to make it consistent with the old access tab?

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Yes, that my current problem too… I do have few paid services at Cloudflare, including paid plan and my company (not my personal account) also has a enterprise plan… but…

We only use Access and we use a Service Token that we can only setup using the Dash panel under Free plan. The docs says:
" This feature is only available if you’re using the Zero Trust Standard plan or the Zero Trust Enterprise plan. For more information, see our plans pageOpen external link."

But the plans pages does not mention Service Token …

Anyway, im using only one (today i create 1 more because will expire in 4 months) just to make my app call one backend that we exposed to the internet using the Cloudflare Tunnel . The app is old and will be very unsafe to make his public over internet, Im counting to the Cloudflare access to act as safe barrier to that endpoint. Im only doing that because i shift all my apps to run inside the Cloudflare workers, and i need to call intranet resources sometimes. And im still migration more and more apps to run on workers too.

Sure, “just pay the Standard plan” ($7) or A-la-carte ($3). Well… not that simple. Not only will cost more than a entire user on github, or the worker paid plan, or well several other Cloudflare services, thats hard to explain the to my manager, but make hard to me (and others) to develop anything on personal projects that may use service tokens. For me is much more userful feature than “Roaming user support via WARP” or “DNS filtering for up to 50 locations” that is current under free plan.

Im relying on the dash token creation for over a year from and will be bad not able to renew my tokens or make few ones under the new interface.

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@kjohnson1 we can get any explanation about it? In old dashboard users with free plan can generate service tokens, now we will lose this? It’s really bad move, my company and my clients be dissapointed. Regards

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