Rether than a content site mine is a Database transactional site

Hi, I have this site, as you can see, it contents only a register landing page and then, the registered users can set a dates to the VENUE on june 25th. On the Back end, several database actions occur due this dates and just today the server collapsed for a while. Finally my host provider tech support recommended me to implement Cloudflare do improve this situation. I’ve used Cloudflare before on site with som content, you know, text and images, but not with this kind of database needs.
That being said, my question is: Could Cloudflare would help me to avoid this server collapses ? or due the database nature of the site it wont?

Thanks for your comments, will be appreciated

In general CF can’t cache dynamic and DB-driven content, but it can help in other ways. A cache would only help if the server is failing due to the static files being hit too much, which is unlikely.

Maybe they just mean preventing bots/abuse. If you see this, CF could probably help by “challenging” low-reputation bots/users along with rate limiting (although this is a paid product) requests. Still, this is only supplemental and won’t solve problems with your server having too many users.

If you have the resources, it may be time to scale up your operation by upgrading the servers.