Retention period of security logs such as WAF

A customer asked about the retention period of security logs such as WAF.
After investigating,

When you actually check from your dashboard,
Free 14th
Professional 14th
Business 30 days
Enterprise 30 days

According to the official document (4 days before the last update)
Free 24 hours
Pro plan 24 hours
Business plan 72 hours
Enterprise plan 30 days

In the following blog post (Monday, December 9, 2019)
Free No mention
Professional 3 days
Business 30 days
Enterprise 30 days

Which period is the correct information?

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Are you checking dashboard Firewall or Web Analytics ? Firewall Analytics dashboard has 72hr filter while Web Analytics has 30 day filter for duration interval for single a single time

The time windows are related to how far back you can check your metrics for. The dashboard filter duration for start and end date are NOT the same thing - that duration filter is how long an interval you can view at a single time.

So take Enterprise Firewall, you can go back 30 days but only 72hrs a time

March 10-12th = 72hr interval

February 10-12th = 72hr interval but 30 day time window

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thank you.
Does the time written in indicate the length of the period that can be confirmed on the dashboard?

How many days in advance can I specify the Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan?

Just filter on the date and see how far you can go back.

Firewall rule is 72hrs duration start/end max even for Enterprise plan - well at least on my Enterprise plan it is.

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