Resync your DNS Zone management

Hi, my web hoster suggested I **resync your DNS Zone management so that your DNS records will propagate well. **

Any idea how to do this?

There’s no re-sync option in the dashboard.

What problem are you trying to solve? If there’s a hostname record that’s not propagating as expected, please post it, and we can take a look.


OK thank you. The website is completely blank now, when you go to it. It’s hosted by crazy domains and I cannot get hold of the web creator, so excuse me for my lack of knowledge. Does this help?

The IP address in your record is also returning a blank site.

I suggest you toggle that Proxy Status to :grey: DNS Only, then work with your web host to make sure you’ve got it set correctly, and that your site loads with HTTPS.

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it used to load the site, then stopped… I will change the DNS to point to the web host for now. I really appreaicte the help.


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