Resume Video from where User Left off Like Netflix or any OTT platform

I am trying to create a video website for my users where they can watch sessions by me which are mostly pre-recorded. I am looking for two things:

  1. They can see a preview of the video before they actually start watching. I think this can be solved by Animated thumbanils

  2. I want the users to resume the video playback from where they last left ie if they have watched 10 mins of the session and they come back either from the same or different device, they start watching it from the 10th minute and not from the beginning. Similar to what any OTT platform does.

This is something you will have to implement on your own side. Cloudflare Stream is a VOD transcode, storage and streaming product, not a white-label OTT service. You can use the Player API to listen for the time update event, and store that somewhere, and then resume playback at that point by setting the currentTime attribute.

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