Results with Cloudflare SXG

Just wanted to know if anyone got any positive results in their speed with Cloudflare Signed Exchange and is it worth spending $20 for SXG because I am on a free plan.

All the replies will be appreciated.

My results from

  1. Testing Cloudflare Automatic Signed Exchanges
  2. Webpagetest Comparison
  3. Webpagetest Google Search Android Chrome Prefetch SXG Test = is SXG’s benefits

I’ve read your blog. I am using Astra theme with elementor, so my site speed in pretty moderate. So do you think SXG will be worth it in my case?

any type of Google side prefetch SXG cache is better than none :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my Cloudflare Automated Signed Exchange article with my Google Analytics tracked Core Web Vital metrics comparing Google Android search referral traffic from SXG cached vs non-SXG cached sources

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