Restricting Subdomain Access

Hi experts,

I have a subdomain which can be directly accessed publicly as , however I want to stop people from directly going to it.
I want the traffic to come to and then be automatically redirected to the after they click something on

Key Question

  • How do I ensure that only people who have visited the main landing page can go to the subdomain?

Is there a rule I can create (Zone rule or firewall rule) which checks that the person has been re-directed from my main domain and is not coming directly?

Perhaps, http-referer or something better?

The issue I am trying to fix is that the subdomain is accessible publicly and I want to restrict it to not being accessed by any user by just typing the URL I want them to only be automatically redirected from the landing page when they have visited

Thanks to all you experts for your suggestions and helpful advice!


PS: Oh and one more thing

  • Is it possible to redirect users bak to my domain if they directly try to access the subdomain rather than show a nasty page blocked message?

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