Restricting IPs

Hi all !

To better protect my home com, i’m looking to restrict the incoming IP address to only come from cloudfare (for the proxied DNS service). Which IP should i whitelist ? Im using the Asus AC3200 and it only allows a single IP address/range to be whitelisted

What inbound traffic are you expecting to come from Cloudflare? Are you hosting something on your home network?

Yes, i’m hosting my website on my com

In that case, you’re stuck with the router being wide open. You’d have to implement a firewall on the server itself. But you can shut down ports 80 and 465 if you’re not hosting plain HTTP and SMTP.

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ok :frowning_face:

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You could set up Argo tunnels, which does not require any incoming ports to be open at all.

You could also use Authenticated Origin Pull to protect your origin.

@sdayman i mean my website is hosted via cloudflare, does that make a difference?

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