Restricting access to specific URI

Learning on the job. Completely new to this and I see more than one way to achieve what I desire so I am looking at what is the better option. I think this is possible using URL filtering or using a rule?

Essentially, whilst I want to be remain public, I also want to restrict**/secure** to only allow a specific set of IPs.


Excuse the typo. The 2nd URL should ready

Okay, sure.

Yes, you can achieve this if your domain is using Cloudflare service.

You could create a Firewall Rule. and restrict it by an IP address or a set of IP addresses as you need.

Example from below, restricted access for the path of to the set of IP addresses only (any request comming from different a IP address than I set would see Access denied - 1020 Error page):

Expression example:

  • (http.request.uri.path contains "/secure" and not ip.src in {})

Image example:

Helpful documentation regarding Firewall Rules and usage:

Useful Firewall Tips:


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