Restricting access of origin server to Cloudflare without access to the origin server

Hello Cloudflare community,

I am looking for some advice on limiting access of the origin server to Cloudflare IPs without having configuration access to the origin server. Are there methods that exist to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re on a multi-tenant server, you’d likely be unable to restrict direct connections to the origin’s IP address(es). Depends on what your Web host exposes to you within their control panel and such.

However, you may find How to Prevent Cloudflare Bypass on Shared Hosting - oba!press ( of interest.


Simply, enable authorised origin pull. It’s the easiest way.


They said in the OP, and the thread title, they don’t have that level of access to the server…

have a look …

That’s an old post. The link I’d provided, in my first response to this thread, is to an article written by @cbrandt as well. Transform Rules are now the way to do this as opposed to Workers.


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