Restricted GEO

Hi i want to know how i can restrict access to my site from certain country (For example Ukraine), but from few IPs allow this access.

For example if person get in to my site form Ukraine he will see only 403 page
And 5-10 Ukranian IP can get access to site.

Cloudflares firewall doesn’t allow you to block access by country unless you are signed up for an enterprise plan.

You can however block countries by writing a service worker that intercepts the traffic. Or alternatively, block it at the origin.

Would you give me more details. I have a professional plan and in this plan i have GEO blocking for 3 countries.

Where did you configure that?

Are you sure you it is a block, and not a (javascript) challenge?

I think its right here:

That is for setting up a custom country and IP block page - because you do not have Enterprise, that page will only show up for blocked IP addresses.

If you just want to block some IPs -

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