Restricted API keys

We would also be interested in participating in the beta. Primarily to enable Let’s Encrypt auto-renewal using certbot with access only to specific sites.

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I got accepted into the beta, but it seems I failed right away.
The new tokens seem to be of type “bearer”, I guess this needs different tooling then?

For example:

that one does not seem to work out of the box, I guess the problem is it uses “api_key” and not bearer-token?

Did you follow the directions? The new system is working for me.

Yeah stuff worked great once I modified code to use BEARER instead of X-Auth-Email & X-Auth-Key. I was just lazy and hoped the new token-system would be able to use/piggyback the old way.

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Just adding my +1 here for this (highly needed) feature. Thanks!

Its in the hopper. The beta seems to be working nicely.

Hi guys,

We’d love to be involved in the private beta as well. We’re currently integrating the cloudflare api into a system that would really benefit from isolated domain/subdomain level keys. We’re in the middle of development now so we’d be able to provide extensive testing / feedback.