Restricted API keys


I know that they are developing this feature. I even hangouted with someone from them about the whole thing.



Any ETA on this issue? A year has passed now, and we are still spending a tremendous amount of time clearing cache manually on all our websites.



it has been about just 3 months since the session with the CF employee about the design thing.

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My company is also very interested in this feature. Our basic requirements are as follows:

  1. Allow restriction on what a given API key can do, e.g. only invalidate cache.
  2. Allow restriction on where a given API key can be applied, e.g. only on website X, but not website Y (where both websites X and Y are administered by the user account to which the API key belongs).
  3. Allow creation of multiple API keys per user account, although this is optional for version 1 since it would be possible to create multiple user accounts, with a single API key per account.


Please do let me know when you launch a public beta of this feature, thanks.



well this is how about 90% of decent API keys work, so I doubt it would be different here.

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