Restricted API keys


I’m interested in restricted use API keys. I use Amazon’s IAM feature for this purpose when delegating AWS tasks.



Occassionally need to purge cached files via API, but concerned about use of global API key for this… a read only scope would be useful too.



My use case would be to lock down a key to only allow DNS changes for one of my domains, preferably just specific records. Locking it down to specific features for a single domain would be a very good start though. :slight_smile:


+1 from me on this.
My use case is to be able to create a restricted (read-only) API key for monitoring and analytics tool (Datadog) to use. If/when this is available for beta test I’d appreciate an invite.

Thank you.


+1. Bumping this again


+1 It would be great to have restricted API keys


Adding our +1 and a request for beta access if it becomes available.


Exact same concerns as OP here!


Is there already an update to this issue?


Really looking forward to this one. My requirement would be to create a limited scope token that can complete ACME DNS challenge for a single domain :slight_smile:


On that note, it would be cool if we could create templates or share links (like containing the combination of scopes needed for an API key. This would be great for automated tools (like ACME v2 clients) to prompt the user to enter a key with a link that would allow creating a key with the exact necessary scopes needed.

I am also interested in the beta :slight_smile:


API key is well working on google crome web browser but not working on Mozilla Firefox web browser why? just guide me how can i use this software.


This has nothing to do with this topic. Please open an specific Thread for this problem, or use the search.